Solidarity to the demonstration of January 27th and the general strike and mobilisation of January 28th!

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UBP, in power for the last 2 years, has already implemented huge cuts in the salaries,
has cut allowances and benefits, has  decreased the initial salary in the public sector by 1000 liras, and will scrap automatic indexing.
At the same time, they have raised the taxation on pensions, they have already privatised the Turkish Cypriot Airlines, and they want to attack the Unions and the rights of the workers to unionise freely.

This package of measures was first put forward for voting by the CTP government. Under the pressure and the mobilisation of the trade unions it was stopped and CTP went to elections. That’s how it can be stopped this time as well.
However the attacks now are under the same line of the attacks that the workers all over Europe experience. They are imposed in the name of the economic crisis, and aim to make the workers and not the capitalists pay for it.

General strike on the 28th of January: the struggle must continue and  escalate

The struggle started in October 2009, when there was the first general strike organised. Since then there have been many strikes and actions organised, but the government will not easily back down.
On the 11th of January, some sectors, like the workers in the Courts, the Customs, the teachers of Ataturk Teachers Academy (AOA) went on an indefinite strike action.
Some other sectors like primary school teachers, secondary school teachers and university workers had a number of 24hr strikes since the beginning of the year and even the private education sector in the district of Kyrenia went on strike for one day.
The will of the workers is admirable. As Devrim Barçin, the organisational secretary of KTAMS (the public sector workers union) which is on strike for 12 days now, said to us:

«if the government does not take the austerity measures back, or not negotiate with us we will continue with indefinite strike even after Friday (the day of the 24hr general strike)».

The participation of the workers in the strikes is very high. In the case of the Court strike, workers’ participation is 98%. In the AO Academy participation is 100%. The participation in the General strike is expected to be respectively high, and more than 15.000 people are  expected to demonstrate in the centre of Nicosia (North Cyprus).

The youth raises their own voice: demonstration called on the 27th of January

KGP (Cypriot Youth Platform) and AOA student union called a demonstration on the 27th of January to declare their opposition to the austerity measures and to fight for their own demands as youth.
Diren Çakılcı, the organiser of KGP said to us

“The measures that are the same as the ones taken in Greece, Spain, and Portugal, are the same with what AKP in Turkey is  imposing and what UBP now is imposing to us”.

“We are against this neoliberal attack, but also we want to raise our demands as youth. The situation that the austerity measures will create, will make living in Cyprus unbearable and therefore many of our youth does not want to come back to live in Cyprus or we have to migrate in order to find a better future. We want to stop that. We want to be able to decide for our future”.

The AOA students, who managed to stop the privatisation of their university in the past through their struggles, are co-organising the demonstration on the 27th of January and supporting the Union Platform of the 28th of January.

“Education is our right, and has to be free” Onur Emir Bütüner, the president of the student union said to us. “We need to struggle against any privatisation and neoliberal measure”.

Youth Against Nationalism supports the struggles of the Turkish Cypriot youth and workers against the neoliberal measures that are being imposed by UBP.

These attacks are part of the neoliberal agenda that we see in all countries of Europe and internationally, it is the real face of capitalism that wants to make workers pay for the global economic crisis, to undermine the lives of the working class and youth and raise the profits of the ruling elites and the big capital. In the case of North Cyprus this comes under the directives of the government of Turkey, in South Cyprus under the directives of the European Union, in Greece and Turkey under the name of IMF – but are the same everywhere!

And the parties that implement these measures whether called “socilalist”, “centre right” “centre left” or whatever, are all neoliberal parties, in the interests of big capital, and against the workers and the youth.

In all these attacks against the youth and workers’ rights and future, we should stand united and fight together in solidarity and support.

Our rights will never be fulfilled under the capitalist system. We need to struggle for a society for the needs of the workers and the youth, and not profit. For a society that the productive forces, and the state will be under the democratic control of the workers and youth, we need a democratic socialist society.


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“Kıbrıs’ta daha fazla faşizm istemiyoruz” Γενική απεργία στην Βόρεια Κύπρο: πάνω απο 20.000 τουρκοκύπριοι διαδήλωσαν την Παρασκευή 28/1/2011 ενάντια στα μέτρα λιτότητας


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