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North Cyprus: University Students say take your hands off our scholarships !

Feslikan talks about the demonstration for the scholarships of the Turkish Cypriot students, on February 1st. read it here


1st of September 2010:


leaflet here 1sept2010

Some people are Gay! Get over it!

article of Youth Against Nationalism about the homophobic statements of the right wing, DHSY, MP Themistokleous and the LGBT  movement

click here Some people are gay


leaflet of Youth Against Nationalism that was distributed in the mayday demonstration 2010

click mayday2010

Germany: Nazi march stopped by anti-fascist mobilisation

Interview with a socialist activist click DRESDEN_int

North Cyprus- General Strike against Neoliberal attacks

article of Youth Against Nationalism on the strikes of the turkish cypriot workers during october and november 2009

click north strikes Oct Noe 2009

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